This is a space where all people are welcome, free to relax and simply be themselves. Inclusivity, authenticity and empowerment are at the heart of what we do here. We believe in the greatness of human beings - everything we do is about the revelation of your most powerful authentic self.

Be elevated teacher training

This teacher training is for people who are passionate about living into their highest potential by awakening and empowering the greatness in themselves and others. It is a fully comprehensive training grounded in truth and authenticity and promises to be an exceptionally impactful Yoga Alliance-approved 200-hr teacher training program.

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our classes

We offer different styles of yoga - some heated and some not heated, some fast and some slow - all of them with one purpose - your personal elevation.

Explore the whole variety of classes and find the best fit for you on any given day. 

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Yoga Nova knows that you are a multidimentional being with a brilliant life. We offer programs to quiet your mind, invigorate your body and connect you to something bigger than yourself. Our programs are based on three aspects of practice;

- Yoga Asana

- Meditation

- Inquiry and self-development


nova coffee house

Nova Coffee House is a space to get your artisan coffee, nourish your creativity, and dig deep into our delicious soul-food. This is your second home, a catalyst for the movers and makers to come together and share your bright life.

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