40 Days

Commit to yoga, meditation or a nutrition routine for 40 days and change your habits! We start January 19th, 2020. Join us!

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Experience genuine freedom, love and service at Yoga Nova Studio, your new second home.

We offer everything from power yoga to restorative and we heat the room appropriately- so you never feel overwhelmed but you always feel warm and comfortable.

All levels, all people welcome always. This is a space where you can relax and be yourself, open up in the ways that you want and get a little brighter.

teacher training

Join Heather Coates, Jess LeBlanc, Greg Long, Eddy Toynoga and Natalie St. Hilaire for a teacher training led from decades of experience, a whole lot of heart and absolute joy and wonderment for the possibilities that come alive in people’s lives through yoga. 

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our classes

We offer different styles of yoga - some heated and some not heated, some fast and some slow - all of them with one purpose - your personal elevation.

Explore the whole variety of classes and find the best fit for you on any given day. 

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Yoga Nova knows that you are a multidimentional being with a brilliant life. We offer programs to quiet your mind, invigorate your body and connect you to something bigger than yourself. Our programs are based on three aspects of practice;

- Yoga Asana

- Meditation

- Inquiry and self-development


Live Your Brightest Life

A Great Yoga Practice: Always growing, expanding and brightening up. A Great Teacher Training: You learn to do that with your whole life.

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