our culture

An unmade bed is a sign that you lept into your day on purpose. We dig that. We are about passionate focus, sweaty yoga, soul searching questions and a whole lotta love.


At Yoga Nova we are infatuated with living the Bright Life. We recognize humans are complex creatures so we practice yoga, meditation and inquiry as an access to getting brighter from every angle we can think of.

We dreamt that the perfect place to do yoga would feel like an extension to your home with all your favourite people; like a really great house party, so we created Yoga Nova and invited everyone we knew. We talk and laugh before class starts then we add a bunch of focus while we practice but keep the laughs. And oh yeah, we have lots of hands on assists too.

If you have ever taken all day to try and get in a few minutes of doing nothing and managed to still avoid meditation we have your back. The Quiet is a 10 minute guided meditation drop in free with your membership or a purchase from Nova Coffee House.

Our favourite times are times with our nearest and dearest friends and Nova Coffee House is the perfect place to stay a while and really connect to your friends, old and new.