Our Classes

All our classes are designed to produce a brand new experience of yoga for you every time you step on your mat.

In our power yoga classes, we intentionally use heat for three reasons:

1. Heat facilitates a healthy cleansing sweat that just feels oh so good!

2. Heat allows the muscles and connective tissues in the body to become more malleable. This creates an experience of fluidity in the practice, allows you to move deeper into your poses, and helps prevent injuries. 

3. We have the heat set to a temperature that allows space for you to work hard in your practice causing rapid growth in strength and muscle tone while adding your own internal fire to the practice.

Be Elevated / be extra elevated / be elevated core / Baptiste Beats

(Medium Heat)

Be Elevated is our signature class type based on Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power sequence, designed to take you through an energetic journey into freedom, vitality and power. The other class names reflect different focuses but are all based on the same structure. Our power yoga classes are vigorous and energetic, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated, revitalized and inspired. Expect to be challenged and stimulated, expect to sweat, and expect rapid growth in overall strength, balance and flexibility.

Yoga Nidra

(Lightly Heated)

Dive inwards through a guided meditation done laying on your back in savasana. All you have to do is allow the teacher’s voice to guide you. Yoga nidra promotes deep rest and relaxation different than other meditation or asana practices. Your nervous system will calm, you will clear stress and experience surrender; you might even fall asleep and that would be totally fine! A truly wonderful experience for people of all ages and experience.

The Basic

(Medium Heat)

Build your house on rock with THE BASIC - a variation of Be Elevated with the velocity and the intensity turned down so you can focus more on mechanics such as alignment, foundation and integration in the body - great for every level of practitioner. 

Be Open

(Lightly Heated)

Long, passive holds make for big openings and greatly improved mobility and health of your joints - perfect for healing the body’s connective tissues. You will enjoy new space in your hips, pelvis and spine. This class is an excellent balance to active practices such as our power yoga classes or athletic activities. This class is also meditative in nature and will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and clear. 

Slow The Flow Down (Hatha Vinyasa)

(Medium Heat)

This is a practice with a balance of flowing movements and holds intended to create sukha - a sanskrit word meaning "good space”. You’ll work just enough to create openings in the body and clarity in the mind. Expect to leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and stretched out. 

Be Flow

(Medium Heat)

Embrace a state of flow. Free yourself up and move all parts of your body with this explorative, creative and dynamic class honing in on strength, balance and flexibility aligned with organic breathing. Expect to leave feeling balanced, focused and energized.

The Tradition

(Hot Heat)

The original hot yoga consisting of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises. This is a holistic and therapeutic hatha yoga practice where each pose offers a challenge appropriate to one’s own ability. Be prepared to SWEAT, and leave feeling rinsed out in the best kind of way. 

The Restoration

(Lightly Heated)

Go ahead - put your feet up and get comfortable! A series of supported restorative postures give you and your body the opportunity to restore and heal. This nourishing practice will release and unwind deep layers of tension in your body and mind, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, soothed and wonderfully at ease.