Our Classes

Our classes have been specially designed to produce a brand new experience of yoga for you every time you step on your mat.

We use heat but we use it differently in each class. The reason for heat is to warm up blood flow in the body so when you constrict (by taking a yoga pose and cutting blood flow off) you get the benefit of flushing quickly through the place you constricted when you come out of the pose. When your body is warm this happens more effectively. Kay- that's enough science right?

Be Elevated / be extra elevated / be elevated core / Baptiste Beats

(Medium Heat)

This is our signature class type, based on Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power sequence we take you through an energetic journey into freedom, vitality and power. The different class types reflect different focuses in each class. The poses change around a stable framework but always include components of flow, strength, balance and flexibility. This class is taught in a medium heat so you can stay warm and engage your muscles, moving with intention through the flow. 


This 50 minute class has us completely bursting with excitement. Its creators (Marie-Claire and Darby) are teaching it here exclusively this fall. The class is designed with a focus on both emotional and physical fitness integration. The challenging, high intensity moves will have you pushing boundaries outside your physical and mental comfort zones. The goal is GROWTH both in and out of the class space. There's even time for play and creativity as you are guided through internal blocks that may arise. You will leave feeling completely renewed! Get ready for something completely transformative.

Be Open

Long holds and big openings make this class the perfect place to unwind and give yourself the me-time you deserve.

Slow The Flow Down (Hatha Vinyasa)

(Medium Heat)

Sometimes slowing down is exactly what you need and so we do that here. We have taken out the velocity so you can work your form and take time with yourself. This class is just warm enough to keep you cozy.

Be Flow

(Medium Heat)

Experience freedom as we teach you to flow with your breath and then teach you to flow on your own. Done in low light and medium Heat.

The Restoration

(Lightly Heated)

Come home to yourself. These classes consist of long holds and big openings, meant to relax and relieve. Just a little warm, like a cozy blanket.

Open and Nidra

(Lightly Heated)

Have you heard about that Nidra thing? Come for a small stretch then dive inwards through a guided process of relaxation and discovery. Consider this a whole new way to create possibilities out here. As you journey inward, you reflect your light outward. Feel free to bring a bolster or a blanket. We have blocks and mats but you might want the extra comfort.

The Basic

Go back to the beginning and start fresh. Elevate your yoga game and get in touch with the beauty in precision and mastery of yoga. Great for beginners and pros!

the quiet

Free your mind with 10 minutes of guided meditation. Included with your membership or a purchase from the cafe.

the contribution

This is our weekly donation class. Half is donated to Calgary Yoga Project and half to Africa Yoga Project.