Private Lessons

A long time ago, yoga was taught one on one.  
We’re bringing it back, baby!

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Beth Davis

Beth will Dedicate your appointment to working with you physically, mentally and emotionally. She will demonstrate and guide you through the Ghosh series of poses in a safe and understandable way; modify the poses, if necessary, and offer suggestions about using yoga as a therapeutic tool to heal from an injury. Beth creates a feeling of safety and trust, so that you can truly relax and be fully present during your appointment. She will inspire you, & challenge you to grow.

Michelle Cleminson

Michelle's style is primal, intuitive, wild and perpetually free, with the control and precision of an architect. Her approach to Yoga is all about creativity and exploration. With an intentional focus on our foundation and a "zoomed-in" dissection of our most subtle yet critical movements, her power to communicate the technique, the tradition, and the wisdom of the practice will help you integrate and bring light to the masterpiece of our human composition.