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Here you can find information about our Well-Being Presenters and contact details to work with them at a deeper level. We are updating this list as it evolves daily.

Daily 15 Minute Meditation with Sarah Milian-Smyth

Monday to Friday 830am

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Wellness begins with you.
Live, local and on purpose, join Sarah Millan-Smyth and over 100 registrants at 8:30 am MST Monday-Friday, as we come together to create new routine, new intention, new normal. Come and gather with us, as a collective and let's begin the work day with us, whether it be working for your company, working with your kids or doing the work for you right now, make you a priority first. Soul Collective is local, live and in action.

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Home Productivity and Wellness Strategies with Miryah Scott

Wednesday March 25 and April 1. 3-330pm

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As a solopreneur, Miryah has worked from home for over a decade. She has experienced first hand the many challenges that working from home while managing your life, your relationships, and your health can represent. Over the years, she has developed her own toolkit that empowers her to thrive in this environment and wants to share her learning with you.

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Stress Resiliency with Marin McCue

Tuesdays 130-2pm

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In a time when our Nervous System is receiving many danger signals, we need to take action by ensuring we take extra care of our intelligent bodies that are working so hard to keep us safe. The Nervous System adapts and learns how to "better serve you," yet it can be easily misguided. Learn how to relate to and befriend your Nervous System.

What to expect:
-Know the language of your Nervous System with The Window of Tolerance
-Know how to practice retraining your system to work with you and for you, not against you
-Simple breath techniques to work with/redirect your Nervous System.

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Kids Yoga with Dylan Dean

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 330pm, Sundays at 1015am

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"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. " - Wayne Dyer

The purpose of this 30 minute class is to stretch, relax, and improve mind/body connection. Kids in this class will challenge themselves with a blend of movement and breathe work to better enhance focus, balance, and celebrate their unique selves. Focus is on simplicity, ease of movement, and fun!

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On Our Liberation with Lauren Hutchings

Wednesday March 25 and April 1, 2-230pm

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Join local teacher and somatic healer Lauren Hutchings for some somatic release. You will be able to work through tension being held in the body through engaging in certain movements and trigger points. A beloved local yoga teacher for over a decade Lauren is currently working to complete a Masters of Counselling Psychology.

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Budgets, Mortgages and subsidies for COVID with Renee huse and Lindsay Labrecque

Wednesdays from 330-4pm

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Join Renée Huse and Lindsay Labrecque of Spire Mortgage Team to have your financial questions answered during this turbulent time. 20 minutes of relevant content to help you navigate mortgages, lending, government subsidies and budgeting during the COVID 19 crisis and 40 minutes of time to answer YOUR questions.
Long term property owners, landlords and 17 combined years of mortgage experience, Renée and Lindsay come to the table with a lot of skin in the game. Given the difficulty that they have experienced sitting on the client’s side of the table (over 50 times themselves), they have a particular appreciation for client-focused service. With access to over 200 lenders, from AAA to Alternative to Private, they are truly equipped to offer help and advice in every client situation. Check them out at

Tapping (EFT) For Emotional Resilience with Jen Miller

Wednesdays at 415-430pm

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Join me for this tapping meditation mini-series dedicated to building our emotional resilience. Each session is 15 minutes. No tapping experience is required.

When: 4:15pm on April 8th, April 15th and April 22nd

Part 1: Tapping To Come To Peace With Uncertainty (April 8th @ 4:15pm)

Part 2: Tapping To Release Stress & Worry (April 15th @ 4:15pm)

Part 3: Tapping To Release Conditions On Your Happiness (April 22nd @ 4:15pm)

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Herbal Remedies and Recipies with Malcolm Saunders

Wednesdays 730-8pm

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Malcolm Saunders mission is to deeply connect people to their food.
He has worked in the field of food and nutrition for 20 years and is the owner and creative visionary of the Light Cellar, a specialty superfood shoppe, elixir bar and teaching kitchen.
Malcolm aims to provide insight into a variety of topics that range from the practical to the philosophical where you can gain insight, inspiration and confidence for your own health journey, and are empowered with new life skills you can simply and easily put into action.
The simple concepts he teaches will provide you with confidence in your food choices and to be more inspired to easily prepare real, nourishing food.

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COVID 19 & WOmen's health

Thursdays 430-5pm

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Join three health experts for a candid 20 minute fireside chat on women's health as they discuss, from their own unique perspectives, and how they're staying happy and healthy during the pandemic.

Socio-Cultural Scholar Danika will lead a brief history on pivotal changes in women's health and wellness by exploring topics such as how wars and pandemics impacted women's access to sport and medical practice. Epidemiologist Renee will discuss where the "new normal" is headed for women with an examination of the barriers we're encountering in the era of COVID-19.
And lastly, Athletic Therapist Kate will discuss how the reduction in barriers is opening up new health resources that may serve previously unmet needs for women.

All three women work together at Danika Inc running a clinic and research centre focused on challenging how we interpret health and wellness through a gendered lens.

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Quarantine Relationship Survival

Thursday, March 26 and April 2, 2-3pm

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Lindsay and Lisa are both Certified Professional Co-Active coaches (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute, the oldest and largest in-person coaching training organization in the world. The Big D Coaches are here to help you design the life you deserve. We believe that quality relationships are the key to lasting happiness. We want that for you.

Join them as they provide a pathway for better communication while you spend more time with your loved ones.

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Rapid-Fire Therapy with Ed and Glenda Risling

Fridays at 130pm

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Join Ed and Glenda Risling for a half hour of talk and Q and A to help you through the issues that we are all facing. Ed and Glenda have decades of experience as therapists and are very insightful and entertaining to learn with.

Ed Risling has been in private practice since 1985. He has worked at the Saskatoon Hospital in child and youth psychiatry.  He has trained in Hypnotherapy and Redecision therapy and has helped thousands of people over the course of his career.

Glenda Risling was born and raised in Saskatchewan. She completed A Bachelor of Arts in
Saskatoon, a Bachelor of Social Work in Regina, and a Master’s of Social Work in Calgary,
Alberta. After working in the government for 13 years, she began private practice in 1996
specializing as a trauma therapist.

Purchase Ed Rislings's book on Amazon: Fully Half Committed

Learn the Rich History of Yoga with Laura Zalechuck

Fridays from 330-430pm

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Have you ever wondered where yoga came from? How long has it been around? Why has this ancient tradition has lasted so long? Join me in this brief look at yoga from a historical and philosophical perspective and see its evolution and application in our culture and our times.

Laura's Bio:

I am a 1500hr plus trained Yoga Professional specializing in various styles of Hatha yoga. I believe in teaching an approachable but challenging alignment-based flow with an emphasis on helping others find their own yogic path. A few years ago, I discovered my own path. My passion is Yoga History & Philosophy.  I am a curious and continuous student. As a teacher I have developed meaningful and interactive materials for yoga teacher training schools. I am inspired by deep discussions with my students and seeing them deepen and enrich their engagement with yoga.

The Strozzi Institute- Somatics

Monday Mornings at 10am

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The Strozzi Institute's vision: "Our vision is a life-affirming future for all. Our commitment is to leave the world better than we found it. We support transformative leaders and organizations that can meet the challenges of our time – delivering sustainability, interconnectedness, and social equity." Dr. Richard Strozzi has been at the forefront of developing the science of Somatics. 

What is Somatics? 

"At SI, we see something different: our bodies are inextricably linked to the self. We learn, relate, act and think through the body. We become highly adaptive, intelligent, perceptive and aware through the body. Our incredible brains are an organ of our complex body.

So, if we bring our whole selves into the conversation of learning, we can then begin to explore embodiment: both our inherited, learned habits (that may or may not be working anymore) and new ways of acting, thinking and relating that are aligned with what we most care about."

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