Teacher Training

We are proud to announce our teacher training faculty for winter 2020. 

Join Heather Coates, Jess LeBlanc, Greg Long, Eddy Toyonaga and Natalie St. Hilaire for a teacher training led from decades of experience, a whole lot of heart, absolute joy and wonderment for the possibilities that happen in people’s lives through yoga. 

School of yoga 200-hr teacher training

Full Weekend of January 25th 2020. Saturdays: February 1, 8, 15, 22, March 14, 28, April 4, 11 May 2, 9, 23, 30

Pay $500 deposit

Investment: $2799 

In yoga and in life, the only truth that matters is your own. In a world where yoga is continually growing, evolving and expanding the question isn’t as much about being right or wrong, it’s more about what’s right for you. Vinyasa yoga is all about flow- that means what’s right for you changes over time too. This training is about keeping your center and flowing towards your highest potential.

In this power/vinyasa teacher training you will learn alignment, sequencing, anatomy and all the other yoga teacher training things. You will learn to teach yoga... Power yoga and vinyasa yoga are both flow practices. The word power here is all about personal power; mastery of the personal environment of perception, emotions and thoughts and also mastery of the external environment of creation and relationship. Being in mastery of life is also to achieve a state of flow. As teachers we are all so very aware of our own journeys and aware of ourselves as students on this path.

In this training you will become your own yoga teacher and you will develop the tools to discern for yourself how to navigate the pathway of teacher.  We invite you to come learn with us.

Also- we will have an incredible time. Join us.   

Got questions? Email yoganovastudio@gmail.com


About the faculty:

Heather Coates

I’m Heather and yoga found its way to me in and around 2010. While I sit here reflecting on that journey, I realize that in itself is my most profound take away – that it’s been a journey.

While working in Sports Broadcasting I signed on for a 200YTT. I didn’t have much desire to teach at the time and my propensity to cry every time I tried to teach was prettttty consistent. It was terrifying and liberating. After a bit of practice, things changed. I left my job and I felt like I found my dharma. 

A few tidbits about me…

I lead from the heart.  
I see value in the art of slowing down and embracing stillness.
Feeling strong & empowered as a teacher, and student, is freedom embodied.
I believe that a movement practice can help keep our bodies healthy and even prevent injury.
I love supporting, collaborating and learning and believe that it can happen everywhere.
My family is my heartbeat and I am so blessed to have a lot of chosen family in my friends. 

Power Yoga Canada 200YTT (Oakville, ON)
Baron Baptiste Level 1 (Texas)
Baron Baptiste Level 2 (Catskills, New York)
Art of Assisting (Oakville, ON)
Restorative Yoga 80YTT (Toronto, ON)
Pre/ Post Natal 85YTT (Mississauga, ON)
Chair Yoga YTT (Toronto, ON)
Prison Yoga Project/ Trauma Informed Teaching YTT (New York, New York)
Assisted 200YTT in Kenya, Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)
Kinesiology of Yoga/ Yoga Therapeutics (Toronto, ON)
Ahimsa Yoga Toronto 500YTT (Toronto, ON)

Jess Leblanc

I’m Jess, an experiential educator, yoga teacher, speaker + leadership facilitator. My heart is guided by loving kindness, my arms reach wide and my feet love to wander. I can help you process the fires of life so that you can lead from wholeness + travel lightly. 

I founded Embodied Adventure and choose everyday to be a Catalyst for Connection because creating experiences for people to live their most purposeful and authentic lives is my jam. 

I embody both the Spiritual and Science based practices of Yoga and aim to integrate asana, meditation, mind-body medicine, visualization, philosophy, functional movement and somatic awareness as modalities for deeper connection and positive energy flow. I teach a movement practice that is fluid and dynamic, encompassing healing both the anatomy / physiology of the body as well as one's relationship to Self. 

I encourage kindness, play and lots of love and my ultimate desire is to support you in learning how to lead and transform from your heart. 

Founder of Embodied Adventure and Lucent Festival 

Honours degree in Child Health Post grad degree in Primary School Education Masters of Education / Teaching 

6 Years of experience teaching in classrooms grades k-8

Personal Coach and Mentor

1000 + hours of Yoga training Mind body Medicine training

Igolu leadership certification: Personal Power + WholenessCertified Gems of Excellence facilitator (Brain Re- education programming http://igolu.com/gems)

Participated /facilitated multiple Yoga philosophy/alignment/anatomy workshops, intensives + trainings 

Assisted 2 x 200hr Blissology YTT

Curated and facilitated 15 yoga retreat/immersions 

Co created Yoga and Mindfulness for Youth Teacher training with Wymbin yoga and trained over 300 people

Greg Long

I teach yoga because I believe it to be one of the best practices overall for the human organism. Period.
I’ve been a doctor of chiropractic since 1997 and have owned ProActive Health, Cochrane since 2002.

In 2012 after many years of practice I did my first 100 hour training with Baron Baptiste. In 2013 I began studying with Eoin Finn under his blissology school completing 500 hrs and have been teaching the practice consistently since my first training.

At ProActive we teach a program for patients called “movement medicine” which is functional movement and strength, largely incorporating yoga asana.

In the clinic as a body worker I use traditional chiropractic techniques as well as active release techniques/ART, Graston technique, shockwave therapy, acupuncture and needling, movement therapy and humanism to help facilitate the body’s healing capacity.

I have 2 daughters currently aged 10 and 13. I enjoy being in nature especially on my mountain bike. I maintain an avid interest in how the human body functions, the power of the mind-body connection, fitness and nutrition and strive to be an example of sustainable health.

Eddy Toyonaga

Eddy believes that the real practice of yoga is done off the mat as to him Yoga is Life itself. 

By learning to tap into our inner strength and wisdom through this transformative practice on the mat, it allows one to be more receptive of the ebbs and flows of life that requests our constant presence.  

Eddy is an eternal student and enjoys globetrotting the world sharing what he has learnt over the years with the intention of inspiring his students to become the best version of themselves. 

Wether you are looking to deepen your physical practice or intend to learn the skills to teach with confidence, he invites you to embark on this journey of self alchemy. 

Natalie st hilaire

Natalie graduated from University in 2005 with a commerce degree and went to work in professional software sales, which she excelled in for over a decade. During the same period she healed herself of anxiety and depression through yoga, specifically Baptiste Yoga.

Before quitting her day job, Natalie had taught 4 yoga teacher trainings and completed the most advanced teacher training offered by the Baptiste Institute. She now mentors new and experienced yoga teachers and has been doing so for over 5 years, including mentoring a yoga teacher in Africa for 3 years. She is the owner of Yoga Nova Studio, a Tier 3 certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher and holds an E-RYT500 designation with Yoga Alliance.

Natalie’s vision for Yoga Nova Studio is that it becomes a place of support and empowerment for others to live into their own vision of their lives and explore their highest potential.