Teacher Training FAQ

Who is this training for?

Who isn't this training for? 

What if I'm not sure I want to teach?
Whether you are sure you want to teach, don't want to teach, or fall anywhere in between, this is the teaching training for you. We pride ourselves on delivering high impact training applies inside and outside of the classroom. 

What are the times of day? 

8am - 12pm: venue to be confirmed
12pm - 2pm lunch break
2pm - 9pm: Yoga Nova Studio

8am - 12pm: venue to be confirmed
12pm - 2pm lunch break
2pm - 5pm: Yoga Nova Studio

We will run practice teaching sessions every Tuesday night from 6pm - 9pm. In order to meet the 200 hours of training, you will need to attend one out of every two practice teaching evenings. You may attend every session if you want to. It is recommended that you spread out your attendance so you can practice the different teaching skills that will be introduced over the course of the training. 

What if I can't make all of the dates?
If you want a certificate that can be credited towards your RYT-200 Yoga Alliance certification or becoming a certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher, you need to complete the 200 hours of training. If this is what you want and you can't make dates, we are willing to look at working with you to make up the hours you'll miss. 

What's included?
Once you have paid in full, you may practice at the studio free of charge for the duration of the teacher training. 

What do I need to buy before hand?
The books

What will I need to read?
Journey Into Power - Baron Baptiste
Perfectly Imperfect - Baron Baptiste
How Yoga Works - Geshe Michael Roach
Anatomy and Asana; Preventing Yoga Injuries - Susi Hately

What will I get out of teacher training? What will I leave with? 

What will we be covering? What does the curriculum look like?
Techniques, Training and Practice - 100 hours
Teaching Methodology - 25 hours
Practice teaching - 25 hours
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics - 30 hours
Anatomy & Physiology - 20 hours

What will I not leave this teacher training with? 
You will not leave this training the same person you come in as. You will have shed limiting beliefs

What support is available after the teacher training is complete? 
The purpose of Yoga Nova Studio is ..
We are actually looking for teachers who are committed to developing themselves and others
Whether or not you teach for us we will continually support you. We have regular teacher development meetings which you would be able to attend free of charge