The Expert Series

Join some of the brightest stars from our own backyard and learn how yoga works off your mat too!

Master Class on Sonic Healing

Saturday October 26, 130-330pm. Investment: 150.00

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Saleste Mele has been working with sound since she trained with Jonathan Goldman and Lama Tashi in 2002 (pioneers of the Sound Healing movement). That training unlocked something deep within her. It was the first time that she could see beyond her fears and she experienced a profound sense of peace. Saleste is offering this master class where you will discover how science and spirituality are in agreement, the science behind the principles of sonic healing, the physiological effects of sound on our bodies, minds and spirits...including experiencing first hand the effects of different sonic tools.

Investment: 150.00

Saturday October 26, 2019 130pm-330pm

Awakening the Enneagram

SECOND DATE ADDED October 27 and January 12, 1pm-4pm. Investment: 200.00

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Catherine Bell has taught the Enneagram to hundreds of people and corporations. She is the award winning and best selling author of The Awakened Company. She has a degree in Sociology and an MBA and is a Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram instructor. In this workshop you will learn the 9 Enneagram Types- their strengths and work ons. You will begin to learn your default personality patterns and increase your self awareness. You will learn how to support yourself in the human journey, how to go beyond personality and be more grounded in the moment.

Investment: 200.00

Sunday October 27, 2019 1pm-4pm, 10 person maximum sign up

Introduction to Somatics

Sunday November 3rd, 130-3pm. Investment: 75.00

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"When I grow up I hope to have the unconditional love of a mother, the curiosity of a child and the untamed witness of a teenager on a night out with friends”. This is Karen’s measure of success.  A Strozzi Somatic Coach and Bodyworker and Corporate Executive Leader. Karen is a member of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women - Hall of Fame, Canada’s Top 40 Under 40. Our cells carry memory. Somatic work helps you change your body in order to change your mind. Come and be grounded, move from centre, learn to make requests and declines. This introduction is a first step to you finding your commitment and learning to make your offer to the world.

Sunday November 3, 2019 130pm-300pm

Libertaing the Emotional Body

Sunday November 24, 1-4pm. Investment 200.00

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Karen has been a spiritual guide for over 20 years, supporting others on their spiritual journey since her teacher, Eckhart Tolle, first invited her to teach presence. In this workshop, you will learn and practice the basics of healing and liberating the emotional body. Since transformation happens at the core rather than the surface, the foundational work is to develop skill in getting to the root of emotions where they can be met and truly healed. Your own presence is the healing agency; learning to activate your presence in the emotional body heals wounds, resolves past emotional issues, and frees you to live with an open heart.

Investment: 200.00

Sunday November 24, 2019 1pm-4pm

Yoga For Men beginner class series

Fridays Weekly, 11 October - 6 December, 6.15 pm - 7.15 pm. $100 for all 9 sessions.

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Do you feel as stiff as a board? 

Don’t think you’ll ever touch your toes in this lifetime? 

Have you ever fallen over trying to put your pants on while standing up? 

If yes, then this could be the course that changes your life! 

Join Will Martin, a former almost professional whitewater kayaker who stopped because of multiple back injures (and because it was getting a bit crazy and scary), and whose back was so stiff and sore he would wake up and strategise about the best way to get from lying down to sitting upright.

Will knows what it’s like to be limited by pain and stiffness in basic movements in an absurdly ordinary day. 

Having now got himself out of bed and put on his pants pain-free for the last 12 months and more, the next step is to run away from home and join the circus, but first, he wants to get you on the pathway to physical freedom, ease, functional mobility and integrated strength.

With over 4 years of experience teaching a yoga practice that enables people to effortlessly touch their toes, squat and sit down on the floor, and tie their own shoelaces without sitting down (and even balancing on one leg!), Will wants to help you accomplish only the simplest and most basic of physical movements without pain and suffering, and, with so much ease, power and confidence you feel like you could do anything, like taking one of his regular power yoga classes. In fact, Will promises that by the end of this class series you’ll feel comfortable and confident flowing with a group of lycra-clad ladies and might even be able to show them a thing or two in a power yoga class - baby steps first though. 

Prerequisites: You must be in a state of pain and suffering. Just kidding. This class series is also intended for dudes who think they aren’t bendy enough or good enough to do yoga. 

You may attend as many or as few of the 9 sessions as you like. 

For more info you can contact Will at 587-832-3747 or email

Mom and Baby Yoga

Wednesdays 6 week series October 2-November 6 AND November 13-December 18 130-230 pm 100.00 per 6 sessions.

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Join Heather for a Mom & Baby Movement practice that will assist in healing & strengthening your body and teach you how to move and exercise safely through your 4th trimester and beyond. This series will help in re-balancing your body after pregnancy which can often create weakness & tightness. You will be given tools to help repair diastasis-recti (overstretched abdominals), strengthen your deep core as well as pelvic floor all while being challenged on your mat.

These classes are best suited for babies who are not yet moving

After class additional speakers will be covering the areas of Food/ Wellness, Herbology, Sound Healing, Pelvic Floor, Physio,  Counselling/ Mental Health, Acupunture.

Dynamic Meditation

Saturday November 16, 130-3pm. Investment 35.00


The word "catharsis" refers to the purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal and release from tension. It is a celebration of free expression and emotional liberation, as well as a catalyst for personal transformation and growth.

This workshop will provide a safe space for you to express your thoughts and emotions through movement. Within an immersive soundscape, we will use breath, movement, celebration and stillness to build towards physical intensity and cathartic release. Gentle pranayama, mantra, and meditation will be included at the end of the practice to drop you deep into rest and repose.

Beads of Intention

Sunday December 1st, 1pm-230pm. Investment 29.00


Join Apryl Dawn for an afternoon of connecting to your playful and creative side, as you make your very own semi-precious stone bracelets! Choose from 100's of stones and pendants, and learn about the stones and how the energy of them can be used to calm, heal, protect you, and draw positivity and strength into areas of your life that need it.
As well, learn what the pendants you chose represent in your life's journey.

Investment: $29 + GST

Includes all materials to make your mala bracelet.


Saturday December 7 and 14, 1:30-3pm. Investment 70.00.


Deepen your practice and learn techniques that can help you break through fear with Beth Davis. Open your intuitive heart, Encourage self discovery & find tremendous growth. This is a warm class and requires no advanced skills. Please come with a desire for an expansive and fulfilling yoga experience. I am ready to share with you the techniques that I learned to open my spine and my heart. 2 week commitment required.