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We are big believers in the power of taking your practice a little deeper. We have some exciting programs this fall designed for you to explore yoga from every angle (pun intended).

Yoga For Men beginner class series

Fridays Weekly, 4 October - 29 November, 6.15 pm - 7.15 pm. $100 for all 9 sessions.

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Do you feel as stiff as a board? 

Don’t think you’ll ever touch your toes in this lifetime? 

Have you ever fallen over trying to put your pants on while standing up? 

If yes, then this could be the course that changes your life! 

Join Will Martin, a former almost professional whitewater kayaker who stopped because of multiple back injures (and because it was getting a bit crazy and scary), and whose back was so stiff and sore he would wake up and strategise about the best way to get from lying down to sitting upright.

Will knows what it’s like to be limited by pain and stiffness in basic movements in an absurdly ordinary day. 

Having now got himself out of bed and put on his pants pain-free for the last 12 months and more, the next step is to run away from home and join the circus, but first, he wants to get you on the pathway to physical freedom, ease, functional mobility and integrated strength.

With over 4 years of experience teaching a yoga practice that enables people to effortlessly touch their toes, squat and sit down on the floor, and tie their own shoelaces without sitting down (and even balancing on one leg!), Will wants to help you accomplish only the simplest and most basic of physical movements without pain and suffering, and, with so much ease, power and confidence you feel like you could do anything, like taking one of his regular power yoga classes. In fact, Will promises that by the end of this class series you’ll feel comfortable and confident flowing with a group of lycra-clad ladies and might even be able to show them a thing or two in a power yoga class - baby steps first though. 

Prerequisites: You must be in a state of pain and suffering. Just kidding. This class series is also intended for dudes who think they aren’t bendy enough or good enough to do yoga. 

You may attend as many or as few of the 9 sessions as you like. 

For more info you can contact Will at 587-832-3747 or email