Kirtan and Cacao

Friday May 27, 730-930pm. Investment $48

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Join Meghan, Matt & Kelley for an evening of mantra, Cacao, and connection.
Kirtan is an ancient practice of narrating and reciting the stories and lore of yogic tradition through call-and-response song and the exploration of emotional expression. With support from Cacao, prepared specifically for this session, you will be guided into a heart opening experience of group singing, sharing, and storytelling.

Come sing your heart song and discover the rhythm that plays between the earth and our deepest selves.

Create a Powerful Practice

Saturday June 11, 130-3 pm

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Create a Powerful Practice

Most of the fun in power yoga comes from the challenge. In this special 90 minute class we are going to work out what needs to happen so you can optimise your workout every time you hit your mat. You will work hard, sweat and leave with a whole new vision of what’s possible for yourself in your practice.

Saturday June 11, 130-3pm 

Investment: $35


Friday June 10. 7-8pm $25

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Yoga Nidra is a gentle, guided practice that helps students develop a more focused, calm, creative and positive state of mind. This practice of Yogic Sleep, uses ancient techniques to guide practitioners through different states of consciousness, and can help re-calibrate the nervous system and shed limiting beliefs.

Fridays at 7pm

Investment $25

June 10

You will be laying down for the duration of the class, so please bring any necessary props to ensure warmth and comfort. A sweater, mat, blanket, pillow, eye mask is recommended.

Prenatal Yoga - Online and in Studio

June 5-26, 230-330pm.

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In this 6-week prenatal workshop, yoga and breath work will be used to cultivate strength, flexibility, calmness, and confidence. Take time to explore your changing body, and connect with your baby/babies. This practice will safely support you through any trimester of your pregnancy, and help prepare for labour and childbirth. Guided by Nicole Kurceba and Jade Blackhurst

Dates: Sundays June 5-26th

Time: 230-330pm


$75 In Person

$60 Online

Mom and Baby Yoga - Online and in Studio

June 15th- July 6th, 130-2 pm

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Join Nicole Kurceba (mom of two under three) for a playful practice designed to help you reconnect with your body while furthering your connection with your baby. Postpartum is a momentous time of healing and these mindful classes can assist in your recovery. The yoga postures are specially curated for Mama's needs such as tight shoulders and chest, sore hips and lower backs, as well as rebuilding strength in your core and legs.

These classes are suited for Mamas of any yoga level that are cleared for exercise from their doctor. All babies are welcome that are not crawling yet.

Dates June 15- July 6 130-2pm


In Studio: $60

Online: $50

Parent and Tot Yoga in the park

Wednesday June 15, 430-5pm

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A fun-filled, outdoor yoga class designed to move the sillies out of your toddler while connecting through yoga-play. Join us for a quick 30 minute class in the park to get outside and meet some other awesome parent+toddler duos. No yoga experience needed for parent/child. Recommended ages are 1 and 2 years old. Please bring your own yoga mat and a towel/yoga mat for your child. 

Wednesdays June 15th- July 6th, 430-5pm.

Investment $60